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Need a New Battery? Call Lube Town Today

Monday 10th of May 2021


Hello Alberta drivers! Need a new battery? There is a good chance that you do – 70% of batteries need to be replaced within four years. As your battery discharges and then recharges as you drive around Alberta, bits of the surface of the battery plates disintegrate. As this process continues over a few years, the alternator has to work harder to supplement the battery charge. Over time, enough of the battery is damaged that it can no longer hold a charge and it needs to be replaced. This also speeds up wear on the alternator.

Your Lube Town service advisor can help you determine the right vehicle replacement battery for the way you drive around Alberta, as well as the Calgary/Okotoks climate and durability needs.

Contact Lube Town for information on battery replacement.  You can get your battery tested for free and without an appointment. Simply drive up to any of our service bay and we'll take care of everything for you.

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