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Now we know Jarome Iginla felt when he won his King Clancy Award. Proud! And grateful! In 2014 the Calgary Chamber of Commerce nominated Lube Town for a their Business of The Year award and we won their Customer Service Excellence Award. This year we won the 2015 Consumer Choice Award! Consumers are surveyed by Leger Marketing and we were selected based on your opinions. So we at Lube Town would like to thank you, our customers, for this honour. And our mums of course.


Lube Town is a locally owned small business that operates at three locations, two in Calgary & one in Okotoks. Founded in 2008, Lube Town is dedicated to providing fast, friendly service for your car. Many motorists spend plenty of time and money keeping their vehicles looking good on the outside. Regular trips to the car wash, ding & windshield repair, and spending on after-market accessories are common. However these is not the best ways to maintain your car. Most car [...]

Old Towne Okotoks Show & Shine 2011

This year’s Olde Towne Okotoks Show & Shine was blessed with exceptional weather and everyone had great fun. Lube Town had the honor of selecting The Sponsor’s Choice Award. Mike and Shawn presented the award to Sara Kerekes for her beautiful 1937 Ford Wild Rod. As always the show was a fantastic family event, truly there was something for everyone. Beautiful cars, trucks and motorcycles, some one of a kind, some old, and some new. There were even some creative [...]

Okotoks Annual Parade 2011

Just like everyone, we love a parade! And it was another great one in Okotoks in 2011. There was free candy and balloons for the kids. We had water so nobody got too thirsty and the parade passed right in front of our beautiful building! Thank you to everyone. I LOVE A PARADE! THE TRAMPING OF FEET I LOVE EVERY BEAT I HEAR OF THE DRUM I JUST WANT TO STAND AND CHEER AS THEY COME THE SIGHT OF A DRILL WILL GIVE ME [...]

2010 Olympic Torch Visits Lube Town

It’s an amazing year for us Canadians at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Canadians have long been known for our hospitality and a promoter of world peace. This year we are proud to bring home the most number of goal metals. Who could forget how we beat the United States in the Goal Metal Hockey game. We could all remember where we were when Crosby scored that goal. No matter where we are, we are all part of the games. [...]

Old Towne Okotoks Show & Shine 2010

The second annual Olde Town Okotoks Show & Shine was a success last Sunday. The weather was fantastic and we all enjoyed the nice stroll along the Old Towne. There were some spectacular custom, vintage and special interest vehicles on display. It was obvious that these car lovers devoted a lot of their time and efforts into making these vehicles somewhat of a gem. Lube Town was there to meet, greet and answer any questions you had on vehicle [...]

Okotoks Annual Parade 2010

Our Lube Town family definitely felt the warmth of Okotok’s pride being at the heart of the parade kick-off at North Railway Street. The volunteer’s contribution has been phenomenal in creating an enjoyable family fun day. Thank you for joining us as we handed out free water and candy at our Lube Town tent. We are very proud to take part in this event along with all the families and friends who showed up to make this a memorable [...]